CrossFont 7.8

Preview and convert the fonts installed on your computer to multiple formats

It is not always easy to find the fonts you need in the format your computer and operating system require. If you ever need to convert fonts between formats and platforms, CrossFont is an excellent option to consider. It offers support for all the most common font formats, both for Windows and Mac, and convert between any of them is simple and fast.

CrossFont is neither a free tool nor a low-priced one, but it is extremely efficient if converting a high number of fonts between formats is what you do every day. The program offers a free trial version that will allow you to convert any font on your computer to any of the output formats supported for 15 days. The program in its trial version is fully functional, except for two things – one, it won’t tell you the kerning of a font when you open it, and two, you will have to convert your fonts one at a time instead of enjoying the batch conversion capabilities of the paid version. However, you can still make use of its multi-format output feature to convert one font to any or all of the output formats supported for that font type.

You can open a font file or a folder with various fonts manually or you can tell the program to check your PC for fonts. This option will list all the fonts on your computer in the lower part of the program’s interface (not an impressive one, by the way, but more than enough for the simple functionality it provides), and will classify them by type in the upper left panel. The right panel on the top side of the interface will tell you which output formats are available for the selected font. You can check as many boxes (font types) in the “Convert to” panel as you need, and the program will convert the original font in all of them in one single operation, placing the new files in the folder of your choice. Before performing any conversion, you can double-check that the input font is the one you were looking for by previewing all its elements and a sample text. You can even launch the characters map from there if needed.

CrossFont is easy to use, efficient, and takes up very few resources. It is an extremely simple conversion tool that performs its tasks quickly and just as promised. I advise you to download and check the trial version – it may take you longer to convert your fonts if they’re too many, but remember that you have a full fortnight of free use to complete your task.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Converts to more than one format in one single operation
  • Allows you to preview all characters in a font
  • Searches for all fonts installed on your PC and classifies them for you


  • Converts only one font at a time when using the trial version
  • The price is on the high side
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