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Convert fonts between formats and use them in both PC and Mac computers
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While most font file types are now supported by both Windows and Mac OS X computers (such as OpenType, TrueType, or PostScript Type 1), others can only be used in one of those platforms. CrossFont offers you a simple yet efficient utility to convert font files between platforms in the most straightforward way, either individually or in bulk.

The program’s interface couldn’t be simpler. It displays a three-panel window where you can easily see the source fonts (organized by type), the formats you can convert them into, and a list of the font files themselves that belong to each of the source font categories. The program will scan your computer’s drives for fonts, even those hidden in ZIP archives. Before converting a font file, you can preview a font sample and know more about the font itself, such as its font file type, family name, number of glyphs it contains, the bounding box, etc.

Despite its simplicity, this is a tool for those who know about fonts. As said, both the source and the output fonts are organized by font type, and it is important that you know which type your computer needs before performing the conversion. Apart from new and old Macintosh and Windows font file types, CrossFont is suitable also for some Linux-based fonts, such as PFA.

CrossFont is simple and easy to use, but it is not for everyone. Aimed mainly at professionals that require using fonts in various platforms, it also carries a price tag that is more suitable for professionals than for the amateur user.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Convert to various font file types simultaneously
  • Supports the most widely used PC and Mac fonts


  • A bit pricey
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